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Inter- Faith Prayer Service

To bring about harmonious inter-religious intercourse among students to inculcate values of religious equality in thoughts, deeds and words for their future and harmonious social existence an ‘Inter-faith prayer service’ was organised in St. Aloysius High School on 28th October 2022.

          God’s presence was invoked through a delightful prayer dance by the members of dance club under the guidance of Mrs Shalma Saldanha.  The readings from the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam followed by reflections were imbibed by all in a true spirit. It was carried out systematically by the students, teachers and the parents.  A wonderful mime show with the message of ‘Communal Harmony’ was presented by our students under the guidance Mr Sunil Bajal, PTA Vice-president.

The chief Guest Rev. Dr Sandeep Theophil, Alumnus of our institution, addressed the gathering on the topic of ‘religious tolerance and harmony’ by loving, caring and respecting one another. Inter-Faith prayer service reminds us about, we all belong to common humanity, no religion is higher than humanity he added.

A melodious song depicting the value of harmony was sung by our PTA executive members. Intercessory prayers for various petitions and a mellifluous prayer song was rendered by our students under the guidance of Mrs Felcy Lobo.   The programme was hoasted by Mrs Jasmine, the PTA member Mr Lancy Dsouza, Assistant  Headmaster, accorded a cordial welcome to the gathering. Mr Sunil Lobo expressed words of gratitude. The entire programme was meticulously organised by our headmaster Rev. Fr Gerald Z. Furtado S.J.

All the students experienced the real spirit of ‘religious harmony’ through this programme under the co-ordination of parents, teachers and students.

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