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Rector’s Message

Adolescence is not a time of rebellion, crisis, pathology and deviance.  A far more accurate vision of adolescence is of a time of evaluation, of decision making, of commitment, of carving out a place in the world.

Adolescence is a critical time for integrating the various dimensions of one’s  identity.The major development conflicts of adolescents centre on the clarification of who they are, where they are going, and how they are getting there.  The struggle involves integrating physical and social changes.  Peer-group pressure is a major force, and it is easy to lose one’s self by conforming to the expectations of friends.

There are four challenges common to the experience of young people.  The challenge to be original without surrendering one’s identity, the challenge to be free without surrendering one’s responsibility, the challenge to love without surrendering one’s ability to sacrifice, the challenge to be critical consumers of the media in a world addicted to social media.

What impresses me about St Aloysius High School is that our staff members take care of the overall development of each and every student preparing them for life.  I wish to thank the Headmaster, staff members and parents for unitedly working to give our students not only roots in academics, values, culture and skills but also wings to fly in providing freedom and opportunities.  I wish the school every success.

Rev Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto S. J


St Aloysius Institutions