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Sports & Games


            Our students not only excel academically, but also in the field of Sports & Games.  We at St Aloysius believe in the all round development of personality.  Along with the fitness of the mind, the fitness of the body is also put to the test.           Mr Noel Menezes is the guiding force behind the individual and team achievements of our students.

Departmental Sports :

  1. Athletics


  • Mohammed Shaaz Zubair –  400 mts 1st place
  •  In 4×100 mts Relay –  Mohammed Shaaz Zubair, Sharan U Shetty, Lenwin Tauro and Rithwik Suvarna bagged 2nd place
  • Badminton

Eshan Padmanabha Baglody, Shreeshanth S. Rao, Vasuki Abhaya Sharma were Taluk and District  level winners and also participated in Divisional level.

  • Basketball

Rithwik Kotian, Jaden Fernandes, Savan S., Sanvith S. Rao,  Lestol Jude Pinto, Abel Raunak, Harshan Pereira, Ethan Mascarenhas,  Aman Gupta, Vivash Suvarna, Joshua Periera, Vivaan Attavar, Bruhath D. Suvarna, Angelo Lobo, Joel DSouza were  District level winners and Divisional level participants.

  • Chess

            Rueben Gonsalves – Taluk level winner and  District level participant.

  • Cricket

Eshan Padmanabha Bagalody, Harshan Pereira, Shreeshanth S. Rao, Dhruva Shetty – participated in the State level Cricket Tournament.

  • Handball

Shreyas H., Chirag Suvarna, Sanvith S. Rao, Rakshan Shetty, Rithwik Kotian,   Mohammed Bisharath, Jaden Fernandes, Harshan Pereira, Hrishikesh Amin, Savan S., Eshan Padmanabha Bagalody were District level winners and participated in Divisional level.

  •  Football:

Our students participated in the Taluk level football tournament.

  • Table Tennis

Shreeshanth S. Rao, Mohammed Shahim, Vivaash Suvarna participated in the Taluk level.

  • Swimming

Alistair Samuel Rego, Diganth V. S., Yashraj S. were selected for National level in the open to all category.

10. Karate:-.

Ashish    Suvarna, Manvitha Shetty, Trisha Shetty National level participants.  Manvitha Shetty secured Gold medal at national level Karate championship.