National Level Athlete-Neil Kunder

Kunder District level winner and 
participated at the state level held at Mandya.

  •  Secured 1st place in 110 mts
    hurdles with the timings of 16.02 sec. and 
    second place in 100mts  and
    selected for the district level.
  • 1st place in  100 mts hurdles  and 2nd place in 100 mts in
    Karnataka State Inter District Junior Athletics Championship
  • Participated in 100 mts hurdles in
    Athletics Federation of India, Junior Athletics championship held at Andhra
    Pradesh and participated in 100 mts hurdles in Athletics Federation of India –
    Milo- Nidjam.
  • 1st place in 110mts hurdles
    with the timing of 15:90 seconds and  2nd
    place in 100mts  with the timing of 11:90
    seconds in ASF ( Ashwini’s Sports Foundation) – Kodagu .

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